Apple Logic ProX on ACER computer ?

Two weeks ago, I noticed this ad banner in Bangkok subway (MRT). It’s from ACER. The ad is showing a good-looking UI of music-making software running on ACER laptop computer. This UI looked familiar but I was not sure what this software is, because I’m not a Logic user. It’s showing an arpeggiator plugin on it, so I googled to find out what the software is, and it’s Apple Logic ProX.

I believe Apple Logic ProX only support MacOS, and I also believe ACER computers don’t run MacOS. I’d say I think ACER is fooling people with this ad. It’s also showing the name “Fred Falke” at the corner of the ad, not sure if he knows what ACER is doing with his name.

I’m back to blog again

I started blogging more than 10 years ago. Back then I wrote what I was up to, mainly on audio technology. I don’t remember why I stopped. It’s been a while. In the last few weeks, I missed writing, telling stories and communicate with people those who share the same interests.

Me, these days, still loving audio tech but it’s not the only thing I’m up to. I’m also interested in many more things ; lifehack , business , cultures , traveling , food , etc. So I think I should create my own little space to write what I like.

Introducing Learning Innovation Center

Work : voiceover recording and editing for video

I was in charge of English voiceover recording and editing for this “Introducing Learning Innovation Center” video for Chulalongkorn university. I directed an experienced voice talent and a good friend, Jeremy, for formal and informative voice, and he did decent job for the video.